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 How to highlight the company if the booth’s location is not dominant-乐虎国际娱乐广告

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How to highlight the company if the booth’s location is not dominant
2020-02-21 23:26:41

Shanghai Pinbang Advertising Co., Ltd. is dedicated to exhibition design and construction, exhibition hall design and construction, and conference event planning services. Advocating life-style management model, pursuing ecological development, and taking business owners, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, communities, society, and nature into consideration. Starting with cultural creativity, using 3D, holographic and other multimedia, from concept design to implementation, the entire industry chain serves customers and provides high-quality exhibition services for companies around the world. When companies participate in the exhibition, they will encounter that the company's booth location is not dominant, which will result in the company's exhibition effectiveness cannot be improved. The Pinbang exhibition helps to solve this problem for everyone:


Solution one: Booth design is outstanding
1. Innovative thinking and bold design. In the case where the booth is not dominant, the booth design must be bold. For example, the company's LOGO or the name is used to design a super-large exhibition stand, so that the audience can find it at a glance, giving the audience a strong impact.
2. Try to increase the luminous part reasonably. The position of the booth is not good, in many ways it means that the lighting is not good. Therefore, in the design of the booth, the number of luminous parts and the volume of the luminous things should be deliberately increased, so that the entire booth is lit up to attract the attention of the audience. Specific methods can be designed and installed some light boxes with corporate LOGO, light-emitting walls, lamp posts, etc., such as directly designing the entire reception desk as a light-emitting stage. Even directly design the whole exhibition stand as a luminous body, such as grid lamps installed in groups, arranged in rows or grids; or use slot lighting to illuminate; you can also use a straight tube fluorescent lamp to make a large area of luminous body ; More advanced lighting technology can be used to light up the ceiling, walls and ground of the entire site.
3. Make the most of color. The color mix is indispensable for any booth design, especially for booths with bad location. In specific matching, it is generally required to be “eye-catching” based on the color specified by the enterprise. However, eye-catching does not mean that the so-called eye-catching colors in the traditional sense, such as red and green, must be used. The key is reasonable matching. For example, when the China Unicom company participated in a communication exhibition, it boldly adopted a full range of sea blue, and the water body that looked like blue from a distance. When it was in the advanced position, it was like being in the blue sea.

Solution two:
1. Exquisitely printed guide patterns are printed on the floor of the main aisle. However, it is necessary to communicate well with the exhibition organizing committee in advance, and the printed matter must be wear-resistant, strong and beautiful.
2. Buying some small gifts can also attract a group of audiences and create popularity.
3. Distribute materials prepared for the exhibition, invite models to perform live shows, and engage in interactive games to retain audiences, attract more audiences to participate, and increase popularity.
4. Exhibitors who have the strength but fail to obtain an advantageous booth can also increase outdoor advertising and press releases in the exhibition hall during the same period of the exhibition. This is also a way to directly attract the audience to visit.

One point to be explained is that, in fact, the quality of the booth during the exhibition is only relatively speaking. The key to whether the exhibition can achieve good results ultimately depends on the quality and service of the company's own products. For the domestic industry of exhibition display services, the development of Pinbang exhibition design and construction is also the development of this industry. Choosing Pinbang is to consolidate, develop and improve your brand image in the hearts of consumers, so that the product gets better promotion.


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