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 Online Art Exhibition——You Can Understand with Zero Foundation-乐虎国际娱乐广告

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Online Art Exhibition——You Can Understand with Zero Foundation
2020-05-21 17:33:00
I see that many friends are thinking about it:After waiting for the epidemic to pass, they must do something that will allow them to experience a better life. Among them, the most mentioned is to take a good look at an art exhibition, such as a painting exhibition, sculpture exhibition, photography exhibition, etc. Until now, many talents have felt that it is a rare thing to be able to watch the exhibition on the spot.

So today I will recommend two things worth your time, and share with you why art is in our daily life.


The first thing is to spend a little time watching a documentary "Looking for Vivienne Mayer". Vivienne Mayer's identity is very interesting. After her death, she was rated as one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, but she was not famous at all. She has been a babysitter for 40 years, and during these 40 years, she would take to the streets every day, recording what she saw and heard in Chicago, USA. By the time she died, there were almost 100,000 negatives. When the photos were washed out, everyone found out that in Vivienne's photos, the subjects showed their most natural side. And her shooting angle is very special. Many photos are taken from bottom to top, so no matter what the identity of the person being photographed, it will naturally have a sense of dignity.
That's right, it's actually very easy to feel the aesthetics of art. All you have to do is make a subtle observation of your life. Perhaps inadvertently, we created art. Inadvertently, we became an artwork in the eyes of others.

The second thing is to read a book "Talking Geeks in the Art Museum". For example, in the field of painting, most people think it is a big mountain. Not to mention the neo-classical, realist, and impressionist art. Artists with similar names such as Monet and Manet are enough to make me dizzy. But the book "Talking Geeks in the Art Museum" solves this problem. This book is a dialogue between two people. They sing and talk about art, even the gossip of the artist. You see, this is actually particularly consistent with our daily experience. To understand a person, in addition to being able to understand his achievements, in fact, what most resonates with us is not his daily life and gossip anecdotes? After understanding the gossip of an artist, don't you also think that he is no longer high, but a friend who can share secrets with you. Learn more about artists, and we can see more levels when we appreciate works of art.
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