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Types and levels of art exhibitions
2020-05-25 15:48:40
The exhibition is divided into solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. A solo exhibition refers to the exhibition of a single artist's artwork, and a group exhibition requires "curator" as a key position to convene participating artists and exhibition venues.
The Guggenheim Museum in New York once planned a group exhibition of Chinese contemporary art. The curator invited many Chinese contemporary artists to participate in the exhibition, and detailed the development process of the entire Chinese contemporary art.

For the solo exhibitions of artists at the museum level, curators are also required to make special arrangements, including helping the artists to coordinate the selection of works, the design of exhibition routes, the detailed arrangement of venues, and the compilation of exhibition catalogues, specific experience details.


The Biennale is the highest level of international contemporary visual arts. It is held every two years and can be called the "Oscar of the art world" in terms of status. However, unlike international art such as Oscar and Cannes, the Art Biennale does not necessarily set awards in every exhibition. The reason why each exhibition is separated by two years is because for artists, two years is a reasonable creative cycle for creating new cognition and new exhibits. From another perspective, the Biennale also witnessed the growth of artists.

The Venice Biennale is one of the most important art events in the world and is only held in odd years, attracting the best artists from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. The Venice Biennale is divided into exhibition halls in different countries. After being selected by the chief curator, artists from each country exhibit in different halls, representing the highest level of contemporary art in each country.

In addition to the Venice Biennale, Singapore, Sydney, Berlin and the Liverpool Biennale in the United Kingdom are also very good, but the specifications are far from comparable to the Venice Biennale. Whether the Venice Biennale is in style or in specifications, It is the largest and greatest age unique in the art world.

In addition to exhibitions, Art Fair is also a common form of exhibition. The art fair takes galleries as the unit and exhibits the works of the most representative artists of the galleries in the booth, which can be purchased on site. The art fair in the world's highest sector is the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland. Every year, Art Basel will be held in Hong Kong in March, Switzerland in June, and Miami in the United States in December.


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